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Chief @ Late Shakuntala Narayan Dhore Memorial Trust

Varkari sampraday is representative of hindu culture in Maharashtra. Late Shakuntala Dhore is mother of Mr.Nandkishor Dhore was a part of this holly tradition. Her dedication towards almighty was seen when she learned nearly 350 devotional songs.

“As she firmely belived that knowledge is enhanced through sharing to needy” there family resided in sangavi,Pune where there were number of temple around the locality. So she enjoyed teaching devotional songs to people around her.All spiritual gurus and saints who visited sangavi were invited to home by her. As she knowing service to humanity is service to god.

As it is rightly said “Mother is rearest jewel in the world and childs first creative teacher”. She inculcated values of spirituality in him from childhood itself by by encouraging him to learn unique musical instrument “Tabla”.It was her dream that her child should become a proficient and highly skilled in this field. Carrying this dream in her mind, she them express this to Hari Bhakta Parayan Baburavji Dawari Guruji(Professional Pakhwaj Teacher). This was new beginning in Mr.Nandkishor dhore’s life.

Later He meet with Pt.Sudhakarji Chavhan Sir further encourage him to continue his education.He continued further education from Mr.Dhananjay Wasave. His valuable teaching from Mr.Dhananjay Vasave added further to his crown.

His urge to archived mastry in this field continued and his desire of gaining knowledge ended, when he meet Pt.Suresh(Bhai) Gaytonde in Thane who Bhishmacharya in field of Tabla. Pt.Bhai Gaytonde identified incredible desire and passion of Mr.Nandkishor Dhore to archieve success in this field. Pt.Bhai Gaytonde then continued to give this valuable teaching and guidance to Mr.Nandkishor Dhore till today at age of 86. Gaining this knowledge was not easy as he has to travel from Pune to Thane every week, but as it is said “Difficult Roads Leads To Beautiful Destinations”.

Along with tabla he was also kindly interested to learn other musical instrument like “Pakhawaj” and people like Pt.Vasant Ghorpadkar, shree.Appa Bhumkar, Pt.Shreekant Deshpande,Pt.Sudhakar Marathe, Pt.Pandurang Datar, Pt.Pandurang Mukhade, Pt.Arvindkumar Azad, Pt.Kumar Bose and Pt.Anand Godse help him to learn.

Pt.Sudhakarji Chavhan encouraged him to spread his knowledge to needy students and carry forward the magic of indian classical music. In year 2007, Late.Shakuntala Narayan Dhore Memorial Trust was established and teaching were started through Radhanand Sangeet Vidyalaya. This small plant is touching the horizon of sky. Today Radhanand Sangeet Vidyalya entered their 12th year. Nearly 150-200 students gaining the knowledge of Tabla.

To encouraging the talent of young minds and community to learn Indian Classical Music, Kalshree Mohotsav is organized. Prize of “Yuva Kalakar” is awarded in memory of Late.Shakuntala Narayan Dhore to best rising music star.

Mr.NandKishor Dhore

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